What is the Black Country VCSE Alliance?

The Black Country Partnership VCSE Alliance is a forum for the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to work with NHS partners and have their say in how we support patients across the Black Country. 

There are over 4,000 VCSE organisations and groups that make up the VCSE across the Black Country. The Alliance looks to bring experts and thematic leads from the VCSE into conversations with NHS leads, to influence strategic decision making and enhance the role of VCSE providers in service improvement, better population health and happiness. 

The Black Country VCSE Alliance is led by the Engagement and Partnerships Lead for Black Country Together, Sarah Taylor.

What is Black Country Together?

Black Country Together CIC was formed in 2013 by the four Councils for Voluntary Service in the Black Country. These include: 

Their unique partnership harnesses the considerable experience, expertise and networks of four well-established infrastructure bodies or Community and Voluntary Services (CVS), giving opportunities to engage with NHS colleagues (such as the VCSE Alliance) on a regional level and offering support to the VCSE groups that work with patients in our communities in all four local areas that make up our Black Country.  

More information 

Read more about Black Country Together, meet the committee members and learn about their plans and successes to date via their website https://blackcountrytogether.info/