Our principles for working with people and communities were co-produced with stakeholders and members of the public.

National guidance sets out how health and care systems should build positive and enduring partnerships with communities to improve services and outcomes for people.

Locally, we co-produced 11 principles, across six themes, for how our Integrated Care System (our Integrated Care Partnership, the Integrated Care Board and our partner organisations) will work with people and communities

Our six themes are:

  • Be accountable to our people and communities
  • One size doesn't fit all
  • Start with people and communities
  • Trusted voices are key
  • Invest in people and communities
  • Nurture relationships across our ICS

What our principles mean

  • Listen, Act & Feedback. Demonstrate clearly actions taken because of insight and involvement and be open as to the reasons why if changes cannot be made.
  • Provide clear and accessible public information about vision, plans and progress, to build understanding and trust 
  • Involve people from the beginning with setting priorities, plans and decision making to enhance public accountability

  • Work to understand the reasons behind issues that communities face, and understand their needs, experiences and priorities for health and care
  • Ensure that insight from groups and communities who experience health inequalities is sought effectively and used to make changes to reduce inequity in, and barriers to, care 

  • Value the patient and public voice and our experts by experience, ensuring co-production is a central mechanism to participation 
  • Deliver our clinical priorities and improve outcomes for our population in partnership with staff, people who access care and support and unpaid carers
  • Create more opportunities for personalised care

  • Work with Healthwatch and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector as key partners 

  • Invest in community development approaches that empower people and communities to build capacity and confidence

  • Collaborate with Integrated Care System partners to share learning, skills, knowledge, experience, and connections on build on strengths and recognise weaknesses

Next steps

In 2022/23, we will work towards embedding consistency to the approach by co-producing several supporting frameworks including:

  • Remuneration and recognition policy
  • Accessibility assessment group
  • Co-production framework
  • Embedding lived experience framework.

This first year will also see the launch of our complementary system wide tools for participation such as Black Country Voices, Black Country Engagement Practitioners Network and Insight Bank.