There are 1.21 million residents in the Black Country with 49.1% male and 50.9% female.

The Black Country has more children aged 0-15 compared to the national average (18.5%):

  • Dudley – 18.9% 
  • Sandwell – 22.2%
  • Walsall – 21.5%
  • Wolverhampton – 21.0% 

Sandwell (14.5%), Walsall (17.4%) and Wolverhampton (16.4%) are below the national average (18.6%) of people aged 65 years old and over, while Dudley was above the average (20.4%).

The Black Country area is a vibrant, multi-cultural region with diverse communities. Nationally 25.8% of the population are from ethnic minority groups. Sandwell (47.9%), Walsall (32.6%) and Wolverhampton (45.3%) are above the national average while Dudley (17.6%) is below the national average.

The Black Country is the second most deprived ICS in the country. Nationally, 20% of the population lives in the most deprived quintile. Locally, each of our areas are above the national average:

  • Dudley – 27.2% 
  • Sandwell – 61.1%
  • Walsall – 52.7%
  • Wolverhampton – 51.0%

We recognise there are similar or a higher number of people in the Black Country than the national average, with disabilities (physical, mental health, learning disability, autism) and people from socially excluded groups (homeless, vulnerable migrants, Gypsies and Travellers, sex workers).