Our health and social care staff have been under increasing pressure since the response to COVID-19 began, and there will be further challenges ahead. Workload remains a pressing concern and we have all been reminded how critical it is to look after our people – and that we need to do more. 

One of our key priorities is: 

Looking after our people particularly the actions we must all take to keep our people safe, healthy and well – both physically and psychologically

We know we all work best when we’re healthy, and there is a range of initiatives available that support our staff wellbeing. 

Whether you work in a clinical or non-clinical role within the ICS, the Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub provides access to mental help support tailored to your needs. Qualified mental health professionals offer priority pathways to confidential telephone, video, or face-to-face support tailored to individual needs, provided by local mental health teams and support services close to home.

Your own organisation also offers a fast-track self-referral physiotherapy service, staff counselling services for personal and work-related issues, wellbeing conversation via line managers, flexible working options and access to Occupational Health Services. 

The staff health and wellbeing portal is a one stop shop for staff with links to various resources to support your health and wellbeing. It includes useful information on how to spot and manage depression, stress, low resilience, weight management, muscle soreness/pain, anxiety, burnout, low mood, fear/worry and eye strain, and support available across health and care providers within the Black Country. 

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