Until recently menopause was a bit of a taboo subject, however slowly but surely we are starting to talk more about it.

First and foremost it’s not just an issue for women. We all have a responsibility to help and support those who are experiencing symptoms.

Menopause is usually a natural process which affects a significant number of the population. Not all women will experience significant symptoms; however most women will experience menopausal symptoms of some sort, and some of these may be quite severe and have a significant impact on everyday activities.

Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has been working in partnership across the Black Country ICS to develop resources, training and provide information so staff can feel more informed about the subject.

So what is available?

We’ve been running regular ‘Menopause or just me’ workshops and you can access a recording of one of these workshops via YouTube.


A menopause guide has been creating which contains a lot of information including how you can make adjustments to support a staff member who might be experiencing symptoms.


If you have any questions about the previously delivered workshops please speak to your workplace wellbeing lead.

Further information and apps

There’s a whole host of information available and here’s just a few websites that provide menopause information: