Boost your income and make a unique contribution to your local community!

We’re looking for people to join us as an NHS Reserve to help the NHS in the Black Country when it’s needed the most.

Our NHS Reserve workforce are trained, additional, paid members of the team that can support us during peak times or during emergencies.

We only ask that you commit to working a minimum of 20 hours per year, paid work. In return, we can offer you the opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience, make a fulfilling contribution to the community and potentially the beginning of a new career within the NHS.

Anyone can be a reserve. Our reserve teams will include a mix of professional registrants, professionals who were registered but have left the NHS, unregistered health and social care professionals, and support workers who may not have worked in health previously.

A reservist is someone who is passionate about patient care, working with diverse teams and can help the NHS during peak times and emergencies.

There’s a wide, exciting range of paid reservist roles on offer, matched to your experience and flexible to your availability. Whether you’re a former health professional, a medical student or have no experience of working in healthcare at all, we can offer the right level of training and support.

Whatever your background, there’s a rewarding reservist role for you. Register your interest today to find a role that works for you in the Black Country.

Being a Reservist is a rewarding role that enables you to make a unique contribution to your local community. But there are lots of other benefits too. You’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills – and, if you’re from a healthcare background, to brush up your existing skills. You’ll gain practical experience that can help to take you places in the future and you’ll enjoy the rewards of helping people as part of a team.

What’s more, being a Reservist is a paid job that you can do flexibly, working around your other work, study or family commitments.

Whatever your background, we can offer the right level of training and support including onboarding and induction support, task specific sessions matched to your role and ongoing refresher engagement.

As a clinical Reservist, you might take blood or give injections, fit cannulas, care for wounds, administer vaccines, manage IV therapy, and help with patient discharge.

As a non-clinical Reservist, your role might include giving patients their food and drinks, admin support and liaising with social care.

Reservist roles and vacancies you may be interested in