Our Healthcare Support Workers assist registered nursing staff in providing high quality individualised care to patients, relatives and carers. Healthcare assistants make sure the patient experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. It can also be the steppingstone into many other NHS roles.

Our Healthcare Assistants help the team in supporting patients to gain independence and mobility in preparation for a safe discharge.

Examples of duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist with patients’ personal clinical care; record patient observations; collect specimens.
  • Assisting patients with meals i.e. preparing and serving meals, observing/ assisting intake.
  • Escort patients to outpatient appointments.
  • Assist in the mobilisation of patients under instruction from registered nurses and physio.
  • Ensure equipment used to assist patient mobility e.g. hoists, slide sheets are safe and properly used.
  • Receive instructions on patient care, but carry out routine patient care duties at own discretion; respond to changing patient signs.
  • Assess patients’ condition and report changes, assess comfort of patients, able to prioritise patient care.
  • Meeting patient needs when reduced domestic or porter cover, i.e. maintain minimum cleanliness standards, preparing food. Ensure infection control measures are followed at all times.
  • Help to update patient records, ensure care given is documented accurately and timely.
  • Answering phone and relaying messages.