We’re improving healthcare with a Greener NHS.

Our Green Plan Vision 

By working with our system partners, we will deliver Greener NHS’s national vision of a Net Zero health service by delivering change where we have direct control, and influencing what we can indirectly control, so that we are responding to climate change, improving health and creating healthier places, people and futures in the Black Country. 

Change has already begun  

Since 2010, efforts across the health service have resulted in NHS emissions being cut by 30%. This is already improving care, as well as the health and wellbeing of our patients. Decisions have been made to invest in greener medicines, greener transport, greener buildings, and greener energy consumption.  

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is investing in its own solar energy plant – saving hundreds of thousands of pounds on their energy bills, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and securing our healthcare for the future. 

Across the country, you’ll see more examples of people working differently in the NHS to help us go greener.  For example, some health visitors now do their rounds on electric bikes, as they support new parents and families: this is both good for the environment and the wellbeing of health visitors.  Meanwhile, hospital anaesthetists are using greener gases and removing the use of any unnecessary gas which, for each hospital, is the equivalent of taking hundreds of cars off the roads. 

The challenge ahead  

Despite our progress to date, there is still more to be done. Together, with the help of staff across the NHS, we hope to achieve even more. With more people involved, we stand every chance of meeting our target of becoming a net zero health service by 2040. We were the first health service in the world to make the commitment and we intend to be the first to reach that status. 

Our staff give us great ideas 

Everyone can do their bit. No matter how small. The more of us who introduce small actions into our everyday routines, the more we can lessen our impact on the environment, and the more we can improve health. That’s how our staff are helping us to change for the better.