Your data

Health and care organisations do not need to get your consent to share information for the purpose of providing you with direct care, however you do have the right to object to your data being included in One Health and Care if you choose.

Please consider carefully before raising an objection, as doing so could mean that vital information about you is not immediately available if you need health or social care support.

If you wish to raise an objection to your data being viewed by health and care professionals within One Health and Care, please contact your GP practice. Your GP will discuss your request with you, and if it is deemed appropriate, they can action the objection and your data will be restricted from view. GPs reserve the right to refuse the objection if they believe your removal from the record would significantly harm your care or compromise your safety.

If your data is restricted from view, you can change your mind at any time and have your data viewable again by contacting your GP Practice. If your data is restricted, your information will not be viewable via One Health and Care, however, it will continue to be shared by care organisations by phone, email and on paper where required as part of your direct care. 

Your rights

Under Data Protection Legislation you have various rights, which for One Health and Care could include: 

  • Access – You have the right to request access to information held about you by organisations that are providing your care. 
  • Rectification – If you think data held about you is factually incorrect you have the right to ask for it to be corrected. You may be requested to provide evidence of the alleged inaccuracy.
  • Restriction – You have the right to request the restricting of processing your data in certain scenarios, for example if you contest the accuracy of the data and the verification of its accuracy requires checking.
  • Object – You have the right to raise an objection to your data being included in One Health and Care. As explained above, this is not an absolute right and would be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Raise a complaint or concern – regarding how your data is handled to the relevant partner organisation.